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From A Romance.....
A Night In Cleveland
Homenko trained as a classical pianist (studied with Ron Kohut, a graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, Ohio) studied accordion, folk guitar, and jazz piano.  As a result, he has produced 6 CDs to date:
1.  From A Romance To A Funeral March (Classical Piano CD)
2.  Cleveland Songs (Original Pop/Folk)
3.  A Night In Cleveland (Russian Folk Songs on Accordion)
4.  Songs For Famous People
5.  I Thought About You (Jazz Piano)
Cleveland Songs
Songs For Famous
I Thought About You
From A Romance To A  March (Prelude in C minor)
(Selected Classical Piano Works) Pianist:  John Homenko

            Piece:                              Composer:                    
  01          Romance                                    Rubinstein                        
  02          Valse Sentimentale                 Schubert                              
  03          Waltz Op. 12 No. 2                 Grieg                                   
  04          Minuet                                           Bocherini                              
  05          Menuet 11                                   Mozart                                 
  06          Menuet 5                                       Mozart                                 
  07          Menuet 7                                       Mozart                                
  08          Menuet 1                                     Mozart                                
  09          Solfeggieto                                  Bach                                   
  10          Serenade Op. 134                        Schubert                           
  11          Symphony 5 2nd Movement     Beethoven                         
  12          On Wings Of Song                       Mendellsohn                    
  13          Berceuse from Jocelyn              Godard                               
  14        Melody                                         Schumann          
  15        Evening Prayer                       Humperdinck             
  16          5th Symphony 2nd Movement  Tschaikovsky                 
  17          Prelude in C minor                        Chopin                               
                Copyright 2000, May 15                                                                                

Cleveland Songs by John Homenko and The Distinguished Lunatics
          (Original Pop Songs on Folk Guitar, Drums, and Keyboard)
  01          Kenny Kings (KFC)                                                     
  02          Prospect Avenue           
  03          Rockside Road                     
  04          Revco's My Friend For Life                                            
  05          The Rockefeller Strut                     
  06          Welcome To Parma                                
  07          RITA (Regional Income Tax Authority)                    
  08          CWRU very unofficial Alma Mater                              
  09          Alone With The Lake Called Erie                      
   Songs written by   John Homenko
      Vocals:  Christine Dular, John Homenko
       Instruments and Arrangements by John Homenko
  Copyright November, 1992  Forever
  Recycled Music by Recycled Musicians on
  Recycled Tape printed on Recycled Paper                     

CD     Cost:  $ 5.00
A Dark Night In Cleveland  (Russian Folk Songs on Accordion)
Accordionist:  John Homenko

1.  Dark Is The Night
2   Lara's Theme
3.  Far, Far Away
4.  Katysha
5.  Moscow Nights
6.  My Heart
7.  Those Were The Days
8.  The Lonely Accordion
9.  Kalinka
10. The Clouds Have Arrived

(CD label and CD Cover in Russian)     Cost:  $ 5.00

          (Original Pop Songs on Folk Guitar, Drums, and Keyboard)
1.    KFC  - Colonel Sanders, Ray Kroc, Arthur Treacher
2.    God Grades On A Curve - Billy Graham
3.    I Should Go Off To The Moon - Mr. Tito
4.    Smoke All You Want, Just Don't Inhale - Bill Clinton
5.    If I Can't Drive, I'd Rather Die - Tom and Ray Mogliozzi (Click and Clack)
6.    The Altar Boy's Got A Hickey - The Pope
7.    Regional Income Tax Authority (RITA)  - Mr. Rich
8.    The Incurable Disease (Love)  -   Romeo and Juliet
9.    I Want To Be A Kid Again  - Michael Jackson
10.  The Rockefeller Strut (John D. Rockefeller)

CD      Cost:  $ 5.00
                              I Thought About You
                   (Selected Piano Jazz Pieces)


  01          Body and Soul
  02          Gershwin Lyrical Piece             
  03          I Could Write A Book
  04          I Thought About You                       
  05          Moonglow                               
  06          Moonlight Cocktail                    
  07          Prelude To A Kiss                    
  08          Rainy Day                      
  09          Rhapsody in Blue                       
  10          Ruby                    
   Pianist:  John Homenko                    

CD      Cost:  $ 5.00
From Parma, OH
To      Parma, Italy
                            From Parma, OH, USA
                      To     Parma, Italy
                      (Songs On Accordion)

  01          Sorrento
  02          Mama           
  03          Spanish Eyes
  04          Arriverdeci Roman                     
  05          At The Balalaika                              
  06          You Belong In My Heart                    
  07          Return To Me                    
  08          I Can't Forget You                      
  09          Forget Domani                      
   Accordionist:  John Homenko                    

CD      Cost:  $ 5.00