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Walden by Henry David Thoreau is a "must read"

Why ?

In our "fast paced technology driven high stress goal orientated"  business world (non academic), a college student must be prepared to maintain a healthy psychological view of life and must not lose his or her focus on nature after the student has entered the business world.  Walden focuses on nature.

How  will reading "Walden"  help ?

Thoreau's  focus on nature will help:

1.           To put life in perspective.

2.           To set  healthy priorities.

3.           To  slow down.

Thoreau in his book, Walden, is the observer of nature.  He is marveled by being the observer.  By not being focused on himself too deeply,  he observes nature and puts himself in perspective with nature.   Nature is patient and doesn't fret when the seasons change.  Nature accepts these changes, just as a college student must accept changes in life.

Thoreau sets his priorities by nature's priorities.  He must live and live healthy.  He can do this by being the observer of nature and accept that as part of nature.  He   can't control his environment completely.  He must accept his natural environment. 

In becoming part of nature, Thoreau, slows down his life, and becomes more fulfilled.  This fulfillment is based on the very act of being the observer of the beauty of nature.  Nature is so beautiful and just being able to observe nature is a gift in itself.

In conclusion:

Everyone should read  Walden by Henry David Thoreau.  His or her life will be renewed by a focus on nature.  His or her perspective will be made anew, his or her priorities will be made "healthy" and his or her life will slow down to a manageable pace.  I recommend a copy of Walden be put on your coffee table as a reminder that we have a connection to nature.


Put your foot on the brake when the back end of a car comes at you, or else, you'll hit the back end of the car.   It's much easier to ride the bus.  The bus driver does this for you.  When I'm on the bus and I  see the rear bumper of a car coming at me I don't have to do anything.  The driver puts his foot on the brake for me and for everyone on the bus.
Plastic surgery
Plastic Surgery

OK, I'm for plastic surgery on my face, as long as someone else pays for it.  It's the people who have to look at my ugly mug that should pay  for the surgery.  I only see my mug when I look in the mirror to shave in the morning.  I can tolerate it for a few minutes, they should be able to tolerate it too.

If you own it, it owns you. 
Strive not to own anything.
With his trademark songs:
"I Almost Got A Date", "The Altar Boy's Got A HIckey", "God Grades On A  Curve", "If I Can't Drive, I''d Rather Die"and "Revco's (CVS) My Friend For Life", Homenko  has brought attention to himself by just being himself.  Columbia records said they'd consider him on their roster of artists if he'd write an entire album in the same genre.
Homenko's reply:  "Well, that's confirmation enough for me.  Song writing is cathartic....  No thanks."
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You have to be competent to be a smoker.  You know, you have to remember to put out those cigarettes.  Sometimes I  even leave my pack in the vending machine.
I had a girlfriend once.  She kept referring to me as her "boyfriend" to everyone.  I said:  "Don't call me your boyfriend, what'll they think of us?  Maybe they'll think we are romantically involved?"  "I might still have a girlfriend out there somewhere at the moment, maybe not".

People buy tickets just to sit in spectator seats and drink beer and wait to get hit by a fly ball.  It's a strange past time.
White Socks
I wear women's white socks, not by choice.  My ex-girlfriend did our wash together.  She couldn't tell the difference between men's white socks and women's white sox.  It's funny because when I'm at the gym, both men and women runners point at my socks and say, "You're wearing women's socks.
When I didn't find clothes in the dirty basket, as I began to do my wash, I thought for sure my alchoholic buddy Jack had for sure stolen my dirty clothes.  When I went to clean out one of his apartments last year after he was evicted, I found my missing underwear under his bed.  I went to search for his phone number but realized he didn't have a phone and I didn't know which halfway house he was at.  This time I realized the clothes were stuck in the clothes chute and Jack didn't steal them.
Where Did The Wash Go?
Anything with a motor attached to it is evil. It means maintenance, insurance, responsibility, oil, gas, pollution, injury, and oh yes, maybe convenience.

Also, the electronic or photo image is evil. It robs the soul.  It is just a misrepresentation of a person at a moment in time.  It doesn't sum up the person, but in essence robs their soul.  
The Keys To Life:
1.  Modesty
2.  Humbleness
3.  Learn Delayed                                                         Self-Gratification
4.  Focus on Academics/Sports
5.  Learn How To Save Money
6.  Live Below Your Means
7.  Read Spiritual Writings:
8.  Read and Prize Your Books
    (TV is evil)
9.  Learn A Foreign Language
10.Let Go, Let God.
11.Play a musical instrument
The most content people in this world are the ones who are productive, altruistic, and not focused primarily on themself.  Money can bring some comfort but not happiness.